Cord & Clasp

Add a cord and clasp to any teether.


You can also purchase replacement cord and clasp.


Leave colors in checkout.


Black, White & Metallic Silver Clasp.   **Out of Gold**


-You have to assemble cord and clasp to the length of your choosing, just burn the ends with lighter and tie knot to secure clasp- 

$ 1.50

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I am Katie, the owner of this little shop! I am a married stay at home mom to two little girls and a dog. I home-school my daughters while attending graduate school myself and running this shop. Everything is handcrafted with the customer in mind. You pick the details and I make it. While most items are custom designed feel free to send me something you are specifically looking for. The options are endless and I love new designs. Baby Nibblez, LLC makes fashion meet necessity. I look forward to making something that not only helps your teething babe, but allows you to wear jewelry again or spice up your baby gear!